Traditional Manyatta Experience in Kidepo



Traditional Manyatta Experience in Kidepo

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There are places in Africa that have defied all odds and preserved their ancient infrastructure. If you are looking for something to this effect, one of the places we shall take you to for a days’ visit is Karamoja region where you will learn how to thatch houses using your hands. It is one of the zones neighbouring Kidepo valley National Park from the East.

For almost every one kilometer turn, there are manyatta’s that makes you feel like you are in an Africa of a bygone era.Circled by double wall of thorns that are head high and about a meter thick, these traditional huts also known as ‘ere’ are home to the Karamojong, a welcoming warrior nomadic tribe. A manyatta is incredibly beautiful. They house one family and its extended members, enough to resemble a village.

Within it, there are thick mud homes that stay cool in the year-round heat. Not a scrap of metal or concrete is used its construction, which is anomaly in a world that has gone for wall to wall concrete. At the heart of the manyatta is a large kraal where the cattle are kept.

They are rebuilt every 5-10 years. In this arid land, warriors and men move more often with their herds. However, sometimes family may move because of an outbreak of drought or other disasters that could strike anytime.

During your tour, our guide will take pains to make sure that you get what you want. Where need be, they will adjust the itinerary to accommodate your interests. The locals are very determined that you learned about the Karamojong culture and people. You will love the region and the kind, generous, easy going and patient nomadic warriors you will meet. You will be able to relax and enjoy the country because the driving is done capably by the guide. Any difficulties you encounter will be taken care of graciously.

There you have it dear reader, bon voyage as you prepare visit the manyattas.