Tour of tea plantations in Fort Portal (Agro-tourism)



Tour of tea plantations in Fort Portal (Agro-tourism)

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This farm-to-cup agro-tourism experience is organized in a way, that you will learn not only about various types of tea grown in Uganda, but also the history of tea making in Kabarole, one of Uganda’s most scenic Districts. Located at the foothills of Mountain Rwenzori, it is the capital of Toro Kingdom, one of Uganda’s oldest monarchies.

The tour starts with a 30 minutes biking excursion from Kibale National Park to a hilly landscape covered with extensive miles of tea plantations. The greenery of the estate is relaxing and tranquil, and the air has a countryside freshness.

You will pass through a beautiful countryside with clusters of homesteads. Here, the views of crater lakes is a favourite for many tourists, but the ranges of mountain Rwenzori are also something to behold.

Our guide will offer wonderful suggestions of trails you can take if you have weak knees or don’t want to endure steep slopes. Your next stop will be at a vantage point from which you can behold the entire plantations. They are divided into patterns to allow the workers to collect the tea leaves after harvest.

Through these patterns, you will ride down the valley to meet local farmers for a healthy exchange of ideas. They well happily welcome you into their circles and offer you an informative experience focused on what happens behind the scenes of tea growing. All your questions will be answered in a lovely Rutoro accent. You will have so much fun, so many laughs and learning so much about local cultures too.  You will honestly feel like part of their community for the entire day as you mix and mingle with them.

If you wish to get a first-handexperience of the harvest phase, the hosts will dress you up for the job by strapping a harvest basket on your back, and big hut on your head. Thereafter, they will teach you how to swiftly pick tea leaves and stuff them into the baskets.

You will also see how tea is processed to a final drinkable stage. When you visit the homes of locals for a sampling experience in the end, you might be surprised with some personalized gifts that are very sweet and thoughtful.

You will absolutely love the tasting experience. The tea selection is excellent and features many choices. But then that’s just what it means to be Ugandan— sweet, thoughtful and always adding a personal touch.