Sunset cruise in Semuliki



Sunset cruise in Semuliki

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Semuliki National Park has one of the best freshwater lakes where the full beauty and radiance of sunset is displayed; Lake Albert. It is a pristine gem in an escarpment that is surrounded by soaring mountain ranges on one side and a lush savannah park on the other.

As you head out for a sunset cruise aboard a board custom made for deep lake trolling, you will not see the sun at first. It is nothing but a small, rosy glow. Completely humble! As its rays peak out from behind the horizons, it lights up the lake with a golden colour—giving it a mouthwatering look like ice cream made of oranges. To say it is a million dollar view is crappy. Legendary is the word.

It looks fascinating in nature, looks captivating in photos, charming in our dreams and gripping in paintings. This certainly makes this boat trip a ‘must do’ foranyone who wishes to awaken their sense of wonder. There will be lots of cold Ugandan beer, sparkling wine and champagne on board the luxury vessel (A glass per guest, or a bottle for a couple.) Kids are also welcome to toast to the sunset from the comfort of boat, but remember it is an adult cruise so no alcohol is served to minors! However, there will be enough coffee and soft drinks to fire up their spirits.

As it starts to get dark, you will be blown away to see the lake glowing beautiful as fishermen pitch their lamps at different corners to attract fish.

What else to do in Semuliki

Semuliki is gifted by nature and offers unmatched bird watching, game drives, nature walks and chimp trekking excursions. If you want these adventures added to your itinerary ahead of your sunset boat cruise, Gazelle Safari Company is just an email away.

Best time to visit

The best time for the cruise is the dry seasons from December to February and from June to July. During this time, the weather is perfect, with no rains to ruin your adventure.