Sport fishing in Uganda



Sport fishing in Uganda

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Offshore fishing in Uganda is just what you need to feel 10 years younger. It is not just an expensive over-indulgence, it will go a long way in recharging your battery. This makes it worth a special place on your itinerary ahead of your visit to Murchison Falls National Park, Entebbe Peninsular or Lake Mburo National Park.

Each of these places is blessed with pristine rivers and ocean blue lakes. Their all year friendly weather allows fresh water species like Tilapia and Nile perch to not only thrive, but grow to their maximum sizes, some weighing over 200 kg (440 lb) and a length of nearly 2 m (6 ft 7 in). Simply put, it is bigger than a 10month old baby and yes, you don’t need prior fishing experience to be able to hook it.

How sport fishing in Uganda unfolds

Once aboard a beautiful boat that is powered by a twin turbo engine, the crew will ask you what particular species you are interested in catching. This will help them map out the respective rings in the lake with bigger concentrations of that particular species. From start to finish, the quality of your experience will be taken very seriously. You will feel you are in safe hands throughout.

One of the things that make this adventure fun is that it’s controlled by nature, so you can’t predict the time lady luck will side with you. After all it is called fishing, not catching. This keeps you guessing and working hard to earn your luck. Just when it seems like you have hit a dead end without any bites on your lure, things start to take a positive turn. The skipper will start punching the air in triumph at the sight of a monster fish circling your bait. This stirs a lot of excitement on its own.

And then…..

YAAHHHOOO! A 50 Kilogram Tilapia will hit one of the rods and leap clean out of the water. Nothing can really prepare you for this dream-come-true moment. It is electrifying.

As you take turns bringing such beautiful creatures in, the fish put up a serious fight in an effort to set themselves free. Their sheer power will humble you.

If things are slow, the crew will put so much effort into making the trip a stunning success. If need arises, they will change tactics by finding some live bait that almost immediately attracts fish the same way a magnet attracts iron. There are terrific fishing rods available on board. However, if you wish to carry your own, you are free to do so.

By the end of the adventure, you will feel as though you have made two lifelong friends with them, not just some guys that took you fishing. They are experienced, friendly and know the right places to find fish at different times of the year.

You don’t need prior fishing experiences in order to have fun. Our crew will give you tips on hour to emerge victorious.

They will keep switching different artificial lures in an effort to enable you register luck in getting better results.

It is so refreshing to listen to the waves as they gently rock the boat…..truly relaxing to both the body and the mind.

There will be enough coffee on board to warm you up if it is a cold day. If it is a warm day, there will be lots of beers and soft drinks to fire up your spirits.  If heading out for a full day excursion, lunch will be packed for you.

In the interest of protecting the eco-system of the park, the adventure is subject to the catch and release practice. Without it, many visitors would not be able to sleep at night if they killed these beautiful beasts.

Best time to go sport fishing In Uganda

The adventure can be pursued anytime of the year except for rainy months like April and June. During this time-the lake is very rough and turbulent.