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Nyero rock painting

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Nyero will leave you feeling like you have taken a journey back in time, into an era of chiefs, traditional healers, queens, and horse-drawn carriages. It is a plateau in Eastern Uganda with enormous rocks that bear Uganda’s most beautiful rock art. They reflect what life was like in prehistoric times.

Most of the art is drawn using laterite stones. At first glance, it is difficult to notice all the features as they blend easily in the background. However, as you get used to the place, it becomes easier to spot the crocodiles, lions, snakes, and humans that dot the space. From the grinding stones where millet was milled into flour to the fireplaces where early man used to do storytelling, everything here has a charisma of its own.

Nyero has the charm of an old world city. It has caves that used to offer refuge to the Batwa, one of Uganda’s indigenous tribes.

The rocks here gleam in aftermath of a drizzle, creating a welcoming ambiance. The terrain is largely flat, with a few steep surfaces that don’t need professional hiking experiences to conquer. As such, it is a really pretty place to go for a stroll whilst appreciating intriguing history that is over three centuries old.

At the top you will find a rock that offers unobstructed views of the surrounding landscape, an open savannah that is as flat as a cake plate.

You will learn so much from the guides in the short time you will have with them, inclusive of the customs of in this part of the world.

Nyero’s most popular art is a petroglyph that illustrates the beauty of the galaxy, as featured on Uganda’s one thousand shilling note. It was created by removing the outer surface of the rock by hammering, scraping and scoring.