Nshenyi Cultural Village



Nshenyi Cultural Village

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Set in a beautiful country farm with a serene and green environment, Nshenyi offers a homestay experience in which visitors immerse themselves in authentic cultures of Ankole kingdom.

Like most of the locals from this tribe, Nshenyi is occupied by a nucleus family that practices cattle keeping on an expansive acacia woodland.  A tour hereallows you interact with these locals who have a strong attachment to Africa’s heritage. The hosts will treat you to warm-hearted hospitality in a countryside atmosphere that is distant from hustle of the city.

You learn their language, DOs and DON’Ts of their traditional marriages and how to prepare local dishes, most of which are made with cow products. You will feast on organically grown foods that have just been harvested and prepared with a traditional touch. The flavorful taste of Eshaabwe will set your taste buds on fire. It is a ghee sauce made by old women in a room—where they have to keep quiet. See, it is the believed that talking makes the delicacy which is served in clay pots turn out uninviting. When it is ready for serving, you will be invited to the feast that features the accompaniments such as Oburo (millet bread), mashed matooke, g-nuts. Most of these are served in hand woven basket plates.

At the end of the day, you with retire to eco-friendly cottages with African tribal themes that date back to the 18th century. To be exact, they are handmade thatches built in Ankole tradition.

Before this, you will experience traditional dances of Banyankole tribe like Ekitaguriro. The dance demonstrates the people’s love for their graceful cattle which are symbolic of wealth. The cattle breed has long horns. The hand movements that imitate the long horns.Ekitaguriro will put so many things into perspective and make you fall in love with our motherland, Africa.

In the next day’s tour, you will join the herdsman to dig into an inspiring history about cattle keeping. Herding the cattle is sort of a bush walk experience but better yet, there are no predators.

You will be in the hands of Akangumaho William, a 51 year old gent who has been a herdsman all his life, by choice—not circumstances. He would gladly catch a grenade for the cattle. He loves them that much, a reason he lives for them.

The farm has over 300 cows, all of which look healthy and tempting to touch. Well, why wouldn’t they when they have over 400 acres to themselves for grazing? The unbelievable part is that Akangumahoknows each of them by name.

The names were given to them in accordance to their lineage and beautiful skin patterns. Flies are kept out of their kraal the traditional way, by hipping grass onto dry cow dung and burning it to produce smoke that keeps the flies away. It smells like incense and the cows seem addicted to inhaling it.

Lunch will be served at the verandah of the main building from where you will get a relaxing view of Uganda’s border with Rwanda and Tanzania.

Later in the day, you will have a milking excursion at the kraal, where you will tap milk from the udder of breastfeeding cows using your hands, just like a local. You will be blown away by its rich satisfying taste.

You will certainly visit this place again. It is so much fun.