Night forest walk in Kibale National Park/ Nocturnal forest walk



Night forest walk in Kibale National Park/ Nocturnal forest walk

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A night walk in this tropical rainforest will intrigue you with a first-hand experience of how the park’s eco-system interacts at night. This includes 375 bird species and 70 mammal species inclusive of 13 species of primates, the biggest being chimpanzees.

Beautifully laid out on a 795km2 expanse of the Albertine rift valley, Kibale is a sea of trees that provides a sense of peace and quiet. It is densely packed with 351 tree species, several of which are over 200 years old and 60 meters high. This makes it a perfect paradise for wildlife species that prosper between 1,100m-1,590meters above sea level.

During this two hour adventure that starts at 7:30pm, your six senses will come alive. You will walk along well developed trails that don’t have any venomous plants.

You will be guided by Kibale National Park’s most informed naturalist who will help you spot what you missed out on seeing during the day adventures. It could be amphibians, reptiles, insects or birds. Among the nocturnal species you stand great chances of seeing include Tree Hyrax, Pottos, Bush Babies and birds that have incredible night vision like Owls, Nightjar.

For fruitful sightings in the darkness, you are advised to tag along with battery powered spotlights for light. If lady luck sides with you, you might find Civet or Serval Cats in the middle of a hunt.

By the end of this adventure, captivating sounds of the forest will be ringing in your head.