Mountain climbing in Mgahinga National Park



Mountain climbing in Mgahinga National Park

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If you are looking for an adventurous way to shed off some weight, hiking any of the three mountains in this park will effortlessly burn off your excess calories, leaving you feeling lighter and renewed on the inside. The park’s three mountain ranges consists of soaring peaks of varying heights. These are Mgahinga ((3,474m(11,397ft.), Sabinyo (3,669 m (12,037 ft).) and Muhavura (4,127m(13,540ft.) A round trip to the summit of each mountain can be done in a day, lasting an average total time of 12 hours.

Throughout your hike, safety will be given priority. There is an emergency team on standby to save the day in case you get knocked out by altitude sickness. But this can be avoided by ascending the mountain slowly and having multiple stopovers to allow your body acclimatize at different altitudes.

Given that day-long adventure is exhaustive, the hotel we shall book for you shall treat you to an early breakfast. It shall also pack for your lunch comprising of foods that are rich in proteins to keep your systems recharged.

After a thirty minutes’ drive through Kisoro, a large and prosperous town, you will arrive at the starting point for the trek. The first two hours of the climb is highlighted by a gradual climb through a well maintained trail that slithers through flowery vegetation of the forest zone. To double your chances of seeing mammals like forest elephants, observe silence. They tend to shy away from noisy environments. In an effort to protect these animals, Tourists are encouraged not to abandon wastes in the way to maintain the purity of nature.

Although the walk through the forest zone is over some steep slopes, you will not be knocked out to defeat. Their zigzagging paths makes it easy to ascend over their test, and the long ladders makes it much easier to descend over slippery slopes to get downhill. Better still, the guides are patient and genuinely care about your welfare. They will allow you make as many stopovers as you need. This slow pace will help your body acclimatize more easily thereby enabling you overcome altitude sickness. We’ll give you ample supply of glucose and water to keep you rehydrated as you climb.

The higher you climb, the shorter the vegetation you will encounter, and the better the panoramic views of surrounding rolling hills and clusters of villages in the valleys.

Trekking at day time is so much like a fitness walk because you may sweat a lot. To this effect, you are advised to carry some light T-shirts. As the sun starts to descend around 4pm, everything will start to change, temperature will drop drastically.

If you wish to have a less exhausting hike, we can help you hire a porter to carry your luggage as you hike.

At the end of this adventure, you will retire to a comfortable lodge with warm showers. There is no need for you to carry your own toiletries like soap, oil, tooth brush, tool paste and towels. They are all taken care of during this full board experience.

Travel tip

It is better to carry a trekking bag that is waterproof, especially if you are travelling with gadgets and cameras. Mgahinga is a rainforest that experience sudden but brief showers.

Carry with you warm clothing, gloves and scarves, it gets very windy as you approach the summit where there is no wind break.