Lion tracking/carnival experience

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Queen Elizabeth National Park does not have as many predators as one would find in Serengeti, but you do see a huge herd of buffalos, elephants and hundreds of thousands of bird species. By the same token, lions are also present though they are  hard to come by because they prefer to remain unnoticed. This doubles their chances of catching prey with ease.

If you want assured chances of seeing them, this lion tracking experience can’t be missed. Unlike the traditional game drives which strictly take place within tracks, the carnival experience allows driving off the beaten path. This affords one the possibility of seeing these majestic carnivals in a much shorter time. As you track them using locator devices and radio collars, you might to run into Leopards as they live in shared territories.

Financial proceeds from the program are used to fund research and conservation of predators in Uganda.

Best time to visit: All year.