Lake Nkuruba Nature Reserve

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This is a great place for nature lovers visiting Fort portal, a peaceful town at the foothills of Mountain Rwenzori (Western Uganda). It is a community initiative focused on conserving a scenic lake surrounded by an ecologically rich jungle. Once here, expect to see tons of monkey species and other animals from Kibale National Park such as forest elephants.

You can start your day here by lazing in the sunshine or taking a few guided walks around the area as you gain an understanding of the eco-system of tropical conservancies operate. Set your camera on standby mode to capture lots of coloubus monkeys that are playing hide and seek in the trees by jumping around. Later in the day, you could dive in the lake for a refreshing swim amidst sights of vervet monkeys and singing birds of all kinds.

If you are not in a rush, you can spend a night here and listen to sounds of nature at night. The accommodation on site isn’t luxurious, but it is doesn’t disappoint when it comes to offering genuine hospitality and international cuisines prepared with a Ugandan touch. Cold beer is also available.

Private Camping is also highly recommended considering the place is safe.