Lake Mburo bush walk



Lake Mburo bush walk

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You won’t regret pursuing this guided bush walk. It’s like having a Ugandan relative show you around, as opposed to a tour bus trip that takes you to a destinations for a few minutes before moving on to the next.

You will enjoy views of the hills and the lakes in their valleys, you will look for roaming giraffes, check out the mating grounds to see antelopes, and go bird watching in the forest. You will visit the shoreline along with a fantastic wildlife lesson, take the road leading to an area where farmers graze their cattle and hung with a few nature lovers also visiting Lake Mburo. By the end of your tour, you will have lost count of the number of animals you will have seen inclusive of zebras, topi, buffalos, eland, bushbucks, waterbucks and reedbucks.

If time allows, you will also visit one of the surrounding farms to discover how farmers harmoniously co-exist with wildlife. The guide who will accompany you during this trip is very flexible and open to suggestions. All locals know him. He will show you the “REAL” Uganda, introduce you to the people to whom this region is home. He will also educate you to the history of Uganda.

When the walk is done, you will be treated to a local meal that reflects the experience and the tastes of Western Uganda.

So, the next time you want to enjoy an authentic bush walk, Gazelle will plan it in a way that you will you enjoy the sights, smells and sounds that only Ugandan parks can give you. Lake Mburo is a terrific option!