Hot air balloon tours in Uganda - Murchison falls National Park



Hot air balloon tours in Uganda – Murchison falls National Park

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You can’t go wrong with this enchanting aero adventure that relies on the Archimede theory of impetus for moving elevation. It will treat you to an extraordinary bird’s view of Uganda’s biggest wildlife estate, Murchison Falls National Park, a Big 5 destination covering 3,840km2.

Uninterrupted views of park can be enjoyed from the comfort of a spacious basket of the balloon; You will see wild acacia trees, forests of borassus palm trees, grazing elephants, a stunning sunrise, racing giraffes, miles upon miles of rolling mountain ranges.

This early morning trip will allow you to discover the park in a completely new light. You will behold a refreshing perspective of the thunderous rapids of River Nile, a dramatic tip of the rift valley, lush rainforests, ocean-blue lakes and never-ending savannah park from this vantage point. The icing on the cake is watching the edge of a sheer escarpment overlooking the river and its natural aquatic beauty.

The weather is beautiful for much of the year and hardly turbulent. As such, you will feel completely safe as you enjoy a feeling of peace and quiet—while floating along at the same speed as the wind and meeting all sorts of birds.

The captain is charming, gracious and has over 10 years’ experience in Aerology. He is good at identifying winds and managing them in a way that allows the balloon to make vertical and horizontal navigation. Best of all, he is well-informed about nature. He will manage to hold your attention with some astonishing stories, unexpected and thought-provoking facts about different spots of Murchison falls National Park. There is a story waiting to be told about wildlife at every corner you will be passing over as the balloon drifts.

Though the ride lasts for almost an hour, the time just flies by and leaves many wanting for more….and what a finish there is! A real champagne bush breakfast in in the middle of the park. It is a magical, if not mystical experience. There is indeed a special aura around this experience.

You will leave refreshed, invigorated and relaxed.

In brief, the adventure is well organized, safe and fun. The work the owners do in the community is very inspiring. You can tell everyone takes great pride in their work!