Hike to the top of the falls - Murchison Falls National Park



Hike to the top of the falls – Murchison Falls National Park

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This two hour hike at Murchison falls National Park offers different perspectives of the most powerful waterfall along the world’s longest river, River Nile! It starts from its river bank and climaxes at a ridge that overlooks a seven meter wide cleft where the entire river squeezes itself. This dramatic explosion drops over a 41 meter valley wall and lands with a bang you have never experienced before. This will make you realize you that you have a sense of rejuvenation to a degree you hadn’t thought existed.

This trip offers a perfect way to escape the masses of cars that crowd the park especially during the morning game drive. It focuses on physical and psychological wellbeing in a beautiful serene experience that never disappoints.

As you start ascending, you will encounter an abundance of birdlife in the jungle by the shores of the river.

Standing at Baker’s point (300 meters above the valley floor), the beauty, spirit and freshness of the falls will first attract you. But it is the force with which it explodes like a volcano that will leave you at a loss of words. Brace yourself for wide panoramic view of the two thunderous waterfalls that take the beauty of Murchison to the next level.

A descent to the lower level of the vantage points gives you a much better photo of the crocodiles at the banks compared to the one you get at top.

In choosing to visit these falls, you will join the company of Queen Elizabeth who stood here in her 1952 visit to Africa. Other world famous people who have pursued this experience include President Roosevelt-Ex President of U.S, Sir Winston Churchill-Ex Prime Minister of Britain, Kanye West, Bill Gates, John Travolta…..the list is endless.