Crater Lakes Tour of Uganda



Crater Lakes Tour of Uganda

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This tour is full of wow moments. You will enjoy a thrilling open-vehicle game drive as you compare and contrast Ugandan crater Lakes that are ranked among the world’s 10 most beautiful. They are over 50 and spread across Districts and National Parks in Albertine rift valley, in Western Uganda.

If you have limited time, we shall concentrate on the ones in Queen Elizabeth National Park and Kibale National Park as they are a perfect place to get those iconic pictures you have always dreamed of. They owe their beauty to a warm tropical climate and geologic luck of the draw. They showcase some of water’s most charming qualities, from enchanting ripples and reflections of clear blue skies to crystalline clarity.

Their shallow shores are known for a superb game viewing all year round as it doubles as a salt licking ground. Here, you might be lucky to spot the shy and elusive leopards among other wildlife species.

As you connect from one to another during a guided bushwalk or game drive, you will treated to views of pristine woodland, blooming savannah plains. You will be astonished by the sight of awe-inspiring ranges of Rwenzori, a snow-capped mountain that prides in being Africa’s third highest landmark.

After experience the lakes, you will continue via the Ishasha route, as there is always a possibility of seeing wildlife along the way, inclusive of tree climbing lions.