Chimp Tracking in Kalinzu Wild Life Reserve



Chimp Tracking in Kalinzu Wild Life Reserve

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There are many places in Uganda that offer exceptional chimp tracking excursions. Of these Kibale National Park and Kalinzu Forest deserve a special place on your itinerary if you wish to stand great chances of encountering more than one family of chimps. Found near Queen Elizabeth National Park, Kalinzu’s tropical forest comes alive with the pant hoots and vocalizations of 300 chimps; some up in the trees, others at the floor of the forest. Nothing beats the excitement of watching them fight, play or hunt black & white monkeys for extra protein.

The forest is thick but relatively flat once you descend into its core. To fully appreciate its beauty, you need at least two hours during which you will dwell amidst beautiful trees with a fresh breeze.

The guided walk through also presents a higher probability of seeing blue monkeys and L’Hoests monkeys anytime of the year. Several habituated groups of these can be seen within a two hours’ tracking excursion.

The bushwalking experience at Kalinzu will give you an awesome adrenaline rush as you literary run through the forest to catch up with speeding animals. For that, be sure to wear long pants and comfortable hiking shoes. You also needs gloves for your hands considering you will be holding lots of trees for stability as you pursue the relatively strenuous hike.