Chimp Habituation in the Gorge-Semuliki



Chimp Habituation in the Gorge-Semuliki

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Before wild chimps are opened to visits by tourists, its resident chimps undergo a two year habituation phase that makes them friendlier to tourists. During this guided adventure in a gorge at the heart of Semuliki National Park, you will experience what happens behind the scenes as rangers’acquaint these primates with human behavior.

The scenery in the gorge is stunning with a mix of riverine forests, ancient mahogany trees and lush thickets that have yet to be opened by forest elephants. On the outside, it is surrounded by Lake Albert on one side and a golden-brown grass savannah on the other (side). The trails you will follow are well maintained—thus making it possible to do adventures even in rainy seasons like April.

If you don’t register luck in seeing the chimps the first time, you will be given an opportunity to come back the next morning 6.30am for another trial. The forest has very few people, you feel alone in the park.

The park doesn’t have litter and you do see armed rangers on foot patrolling to protect animals from poachers. They are friendly and happy to offer you tips on areas where they have seen lots of wildlife on that day.