Canoe cruise on Lake Mulehe Southern Sector of Bwindi



Canoe cruise on Lake Mulehe Southern Sector of Bwindi

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Over 20,000 years ago, volcanic eruptions set Virunga region on fire, creating tranquil crater lakes that nature has continued to beautify. One such is Lake Mulehe, a scenic freshwater lake in Kisoro District, not so far with Uganda’s border with Rwanda. Here, you can sit back and meditateduring a guided canoe ride experience that offers a feast for the senses. Its strategic location within few minutes’ drive from both Bwindi and Mgahinga National Park makes it a perfect adventure to do before or after your gorilla adventure in either of these two parks.

As the small boat glides onto the reeds, you will see soaring ranges of beautiful volcanoes, terraced gardens and clusters of villages. Having been born here, the local guide knows this area by heart and it is a delight to listen to his stories and tour around with him.

Despite knowing that the lake doesn’t have any troublesome hippos or beastly carnivores like Crocodiles, our crew pays great attention to safety and improvise life-jackets that are in top notch shape. This make the two hour adventure safe, allowing you to have peace of mind as you listen to relaxing songs of birds and feel all smells of nature.

The dugout canoe in which you will ride is a traditional boat made from a hollowed trunk of an African teak tree.It is totally different from what you know. It looks like it could bust open any minute yet it is super resilient as it is made of wood that is lightweight and rot resistant. It is propelled with a paddle and pointed at both ends with consideration to aerodynamics. This allows water to flow smoothly around the boat without resisting acceleration.

Your adventure will start off in high gear with an exploration of water pathways. You will float under wider expanses filled with beautiful flowery vegetation and water lilies.

As the boat drifts past papyrus jungles, you will are likely to come across over 50 birds, inclusive of Uganda’s National Emblem, the grey crowned crested crane. The sight of the seven mountains towering over the borders of Uganda, Congo and Rwanda will make happiness radiate from you in waves. Your eyes will glitter or soak up with tears of joy. As the guide paddles your way past small islands, you won’t hear anything at all apart from the water splashing at the bottom of the boat.

What to carry

Sun screen is indispensable due to the glaring sunlight.