Bigodi Swamp/ Bird Watching



Bigodi Swamp/ Bird Watching

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Bigodi is a vast countryside swamp with a wide network of boardwalks upon which one can have a bountiful nature walk. A visit to this community owned initiative is highly recommended to anyone who wishes to get more involved with nature and wildlife. Here, you will be treated to the sights and sounds of several reptiles and mammals–as they take a break from the forest life of Kibale National Park. These include chimps, elephants, olive baboons, vervet monkeys. For almost every turn, you will see or hear the exquisite calls of 370 recorded bird species including the sought-after African pitta, a forest special. Other unique species unique to this part of the country include Masked apalis, Cassin’s spinetail, Nahan’s francolin and blue-headed bee-eater. Usual’s include Abyssinian ground thrush, Scaly-breasted illadopsis, Red-chested owlet, Grey parrot, Black-capped apalis, Blue-breasted kingfisher, Purple-breasted sunbird, White-naped pigeon and Dusky crimsonwing among others.

Your pictures will come out perfect as the weather is friendly for much of the year. As you make your way to Bigodi, you will see the local community working on the nearby subsistence farms from which the region’s food is sourced. On your way back, you are likely to find some small children returning from collecting firewood and potatoes, carrying it balanced on their heads.

Later, you can head out for a village walk with a stopover at the home of a local family that makes fresh banana beer using traditional procedures. They will intrigue you with illustrations of what happens behind the scenes of beer brewing. In the end, they will serve some for your drinking pleasure.

Best time to visit

The fruiting seasons are a better bet as they are synonymous with lots of foods that attract wildlife; March to May and from September to November. Migratory birds can best seen here from November to April.